Parent & Child Stations and OCP

Parent & Child Stations and OCP

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Following the advice in the "Stations & Databases...What does it all mean!" blog post, I have set up our Myriad v5 system with the studio station as "parent" and the sustaining service station as the "child". This allows us to work on the future log in the studio knowing that the automation system will pull across each hour just before use, and seems to work seamlessly Smile

However, now I'm trying to get OCP to do the right thing, so that we can drive our web stream metadata and RDS encoder. The blog post says:
But what about On-air Control and OCP?
Good question!And one that will probably get it's own blog in the near future but the short answer is that each Station can maintain On-air Control of itself but OCP (the thing that drives your website with what is playing etc) will only listen to one Station at a time.So in the case where you have a Studio Station and a Automation Station, both have could have On-Air control (of themselves) but only one would be listened to by OCP. So you could set up OCP so that if the Studio Station is running, then always 'listen' to that. If the Studio Station is not running then 'listen' to the Automation Station. That way when stop using the studio, OCP will default back to the Automation Station which has been happily running in the background and tell OCP what is playing only now OCP will listen!

Unfortunately, I can't see how to set up OCP to do this "listen to one station unless the other is on air" stuff. There seems to be no configuration in OCP that facilitates this. When I try things, with the studio myriad "off air", when I start OCP, then start the sustaining service and put it "on air", OCP automatically starts taking input from it. When I put the studio Myriad "on air", OCP somehow knows it needs to listen to that one instead. But when I take the studio Myriad "off air", OCP doesn't switch back to taking input from the sustaining service.

Any chance someone could write that promised blog post?

Thanks in advance.

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