Myriad Playout v5.15 available now

Myriad Playout v5.15 available now

Peter Jarrett
Peter Jarrett
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Note: This information was previously posted to our Facebook Group which we strongly recommend joining -

Hi All, we're exceptionally pleased to announce that Myriad Playout v5.15 is available now as a beta version and is available from the download section of the website.

This is quite a big release with a *lot* of new features, so do please take the time to have a read of the Version History Information next to each download.

Some key new features to note:

• Multi Station Settings - different OCP per station/fading settings etc.
• Media Trigger Points – you can now trigger other media items when an item reaches the intro end/hook/extro etc.
• SegEdit – a huge improvement to reduce flickering as well as stability improvements.
• Live Read Scripts.
• Print the Log.
• Underrunning hours reports.
• The Log now scrolls when you drag an item to the top or bottom of it's view.
• RES fix to Remote Voice Tracking users audio upload failing after a week or so.
• RES Pre seeding of cache

There are also dozens of other changes including graphical improvements, new Commands as well as a good number of stability changes as well.

Important changes:

The default "ducking level" has changed from 90 to 75% based on user feedback - if this is too aggressive, then you can easily change it back in the Settings.

After you have updated Remove Edit Server, you will need to make sure your RVT Users also upgrade to the new version as older versions cannot connect to this new release - and vice versa.

Don't forget this is a BETA release so please make sure you run extensive tests yourself prior to using this on anything mission critical as it is only partially supported by out support team. It has been extensively tested before release, but the nature of a Beta release means that there could be issues that we didn't catch prior to release.

Peter Jarrett, Technical Director
Broadcast Radio Ltd.

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