Myriad v5.11 Available including Remote Voice Tracking

Myriad v5.11 Available including Remote Voice Tracking

Peter Jarrett
Peter Jarrett
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(Note: This information was originally posted on our Myriad v5 Facebook group which is worth joining:

Hi everyone - we're *exceptionally* pleased to announce Myriad v5.11 is now available with FULL Remote Voice Tracking (RVT) !

RVT in v4 was always pretty powerful for it's day, but with v5 we've really stepped it up a level, and includes not just Remote Voice Tracking, but full Log Editing, all via lightweight connection back to the Remote Edit Server at the radio station.

As well as the full power of Myriad v5's "local" voice tracking (e.g. full envelope editing etc.), RVT also gives you full Song SmartInformation as well as full Media Library searching to make remote show preparation phenomenally easy.

Also, you asked, and we listened - Remote Edit Server (RES) supports multiple concurrent users! By default it allows up to 10, but this limit can be raised or lowered via the RES Settings window.

Oh, and did we mention that RES and RVT is 100% FREE for all Myriad Studio users? Yep, totally free of charge!

There are a huge number of tweaks and fixes as well - MediaWall gets a new "back" navigation button, there is a new play mode for Favourites to make playing beds and 'outs' easier, SmartInfo is even smarter and hunts down the log for the most relevant information to show you, Local segue editor also has a big number of improvements (that also apply to RVT of course). K1000 and K1500e programmable keyboard support has been added, and there are also nearly 30 new Commands as well.

Advert Log Import can now import from multiple locations making importing "local" and "national" advert logs much easier.

The support tools also get updates, in particular the AutoImporter gets new Overrides features to set the Title/Timing on newly imported items, but there are also tweaks and fixes to AutoTrack SE and Advert Manager SE.

v5.11 is available now as a fully supported version and can be downloaded from

We can't wait to hear how you get on with RVT as well as all the other enhancements, so please feel free to download and get started !

Peter Jarrett, Technical Director
Broadcast Radio Ltd.

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