Known issues with Myriad Playout Preview v5.0.2

Known issues with Myriad Playout Preview v5.0.2

Peter Jarrett
Peter Jarrett
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The following is a list of known issues with the v5.0.2 release. Any new issues found will be added to list. If you find a new issue then please start a new thread in this forum, or via the feedback page

  • After collapsing the ribbon, the MediaItems don't fill the gap left behind until you resize the window.
  • Log playback will occasionally gracefully finish (as if the Log has run out) even though there are more items to play.
  • Some items are cued into 2 players and only one is used, leaving the other in it's player.
  • Changing the Log Playback mode from AutoFade to LiveAssist sometimes still fades items to time (e.g. is stuck in AFade mode) and the "Time to next stop" is not updated.
  • Playing "List" media items - e.g. Rotate, Random and List - may not behave as expected.
  • The log view doesn't automatically follow playback unless you click the Home button
  • When dragging items in the log the placement bar doesn't always show the correct location for where your item will be dropped
Hardware connections:
  • After setting up a new Hardware Server Connection, you have to restart Myriad Playout before it will connect.
  • You have to add a new connection and click OK on the Hardware Settings window, then go back into Hardware Settings before you can add a Line connection that uses that connection.
Media Engine configuration:
  • The soundcards are not ordered alphabetically in the Media Engine Settings Window
  • If you are running a Windows DPI Setting of more than 100% (high resolution laptop and 4K displays do this) then the waveform display doesn't fill the smoothedit window correctly

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