Frequently Asked Questions about installing and configuring Myriad Playout v5

Frequently Asked Questions about installing and configuring Myriad...

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What do I need to do before I can run Myriad Playout v5?
  • Windows 8 or Windows 10 or equivalent server versions or Server 2012, 2012R2 or Server 2016
  • Microsoft  SQL Server Express 2012 R2 or higher - it will not work with SQL 2008, 2008R2 or any earlier version of SQL.
  • 3GB of Ram.
  • A widescreen monitor is recommended, but not essential. Myriad Playout v5 also supports multiple monitors, we've tested on dual and triple displays, we'd love to hear how you get on with more.
  • A soundcard!
For more information about configuring your system (e.g. installing SQL etc.) have a look in the Myriad v4 sections of this forum, including

Can I run it on the same data as Myriad v4?

Yes and no. When you first run Myriad Playout v5 it will import a lot of your Myriad Playout v4 settings, and there is an Upgrade Utility that will import your v4 cart details into the Myriad v5 database. At this point you will have access to all the carts from your old system, but if you add any new items to your v4 AudioWall you would have to re-run the upgrade utility again to bring in that data. Also any changes you make to your MediaWall will NOT be shown in your v4 AudioWall and could well make changes that make v4 very unhappy.

So for this reason, we recommend that you take a copy of your Myriad v4 Data and AudioWalls to a brand new file location, then configure Myriad Playout v5 to run from there. This means that if the worst comes to the worst and you have to delete and start over, you won't have lost any of your "live" data.

Can I stop Myriad v5 from accidentally being configured to use a v4 AudioWall to prevent any problems?
Yes - Create a new text file in your Myriad v4 Data location called PreventMyriadV5.txt and inside this type in a message explaining to users that they need to reconfigure their Myriad v5 systems to use a different location. We recommend noting that new location in this message. Then whenever anyone tries to use that location with Myriad v5 it will refuse to load and will show the user your message explaining what to do next.

After you install Myriad Playout v5, you will see a shortcut containing more information about upgrading from v4.

How can I schedule Logs for Myriad Playout v5 to use?

You can manually build a Log just by dragging and dropping, but thats hardly a good way of doing lots of testing, so we've already built in full Music and Advert Log importers - these can import from all the same file formats that Myriad v4's Log Importer can use.

The ideal format is (of course!) is the P Squared XML format, so you can configure AutoTrack v4 to output this file and Myriad Playout v5 will import it directly giving you all of the power of AutoTrack v4, easily sent through to Myriad Playout v5 for testing. 

There will be a special version of Myriad AutoTrack 4 available once we get closer to Myriad Playout's Full Release that will allow much better interaction with Myriad Playout v5. Naturally, there will be an "AutoTrack" v5 in due course

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