Frequently Asked Questions about getting Myriad Playout v5

Frequently Asked Questions about getting Myriad Playout v5

Peter Jarrett
Peter Jarrett
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Myriad Playout v5 is currently only available as a "Preview" - sort of half way between an "Alpha" version and a "Beta" version.

We've been working on this new version for over 2 years and we still have a lot of features that we want to add, but we think that we already have a really strong product, so we're releasing this Preview edition so you can start playing with it and letting us know how you get on.

You should consider it an experimental version, so not really something you should use On-Air, but we are already running it on some of our test rigs in the office, and so far it's behaving superbly.


How finished is it?

As anyone who has used Myriad before knows, thats a question with no real answer. Because we are constantly developing and improving Myriad then it's hard to say what "finished" is - we already have a huge list of features we're going to add in future - some of these will be sooner, some will be later. 

The vast majority of the "biggies" are in this preview - the MediaWall (replacement for the AudioWall), the Log Display, the Dashboard, Log Playout, Favourites (new name for Instant Carts), SmoothEdit, the SmartInfo Tile (for automatically displaying information from Twitter and Wikipedia whenever you highlight a Media or Log Item) user-defined layouts, Remote Media Engine support and a huge load more are all present and accounted for. 

However, there are a few areas that we've decided aren't ready yet so aren't included in this preview. For example the SegueEditor and MediaRecorder aren't ready for general use - yet! We've also not included user security and any reporting becuase we'd wanted to start getting real world feedback as soon as possible. All of these features will be coming though, don't worry.

Where can I get the Preview? I want to play!

Because it's such an early version - and it's the first time we've let it out "into the wild", we're currently asking people to apply to join the Preview program as we're mainly aiming this very first version to more technical users. This is because it may need a little fettling to get the best from it, so good technical skills will definitely be an advantage.

You can find more details about applying to join the Preview Team by visiting - we just need a little information from you about how you will be using the new version, what you will be installing it onto, and your level of technical ability and then we'll be selecting testers very soon. 

Will there be a public beta test version available soon?

Absolutely! As always, we believe in public Beta testing as the only way to prove that a product will work in the real world is by testing it in the real world! We do fully expect this first release to have a few gotchas in, so as soon as we've got these ironed out we'll start putting together a proper beta version - we are hoping for this in Spring 2017

Will it be supported - what if I have problems?

Because it's such an early release, it won't be supported by our normal technical support teams, so this forum is the place to post any questions or thoughts. The developers will be actively participating in this forum as well as our internal test users, and we will try and help wherever we can.  

Keep in mind, it's a Preview version, and could well have a problem that means you need to delete your data and start again - so should plan to always run it totally separately from any "live" Myriad versions

Peter Jarrett, Technical Director
Broadcast Radio Ltd.

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