Setting up Windows to automatically Login and run Myriad

Setting up Windows to automatically Login and run Myriad

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By default, when you start Windows it may sit waiting for you to Login - not ideal if the PC has just rebooted due to a power outage and you want to get back on air automatically!

Note: PC's supplied by P Squared are setup this way by default, and Step 4 is actually the default for Station Databases anyway Smile

There are 4 steps to take to help you get back on air easily.

First - Set the PC to turn itself On

Go into the Bios and look for an option that says something like \"Power on after AC back\". Make sure this is set to Memory (i.e. whatever it was before the power went off) or ideally \"Full On\" - so it will always turn itself on.

Second - Set Windows to AutoLogin

Myriad v3 has a built in option to activate Windows' Automatic Logon feature (logs in to Windows when it loads with a given username and password). This is exactly the same as the TweakUI feature from Microsoft.

To use it, on the Setting Menu, choose Myriad Settings and then click on the Advanced Tab. About half way down you will see the Automatic Logon Settings frame. Click the Change button and enter the details of a Windows Account that can log on to the computer. Click OK and then Click OK again to close the Myriad Settings Window.

Third - Make sure Myriad is automatically loading when Windows Starts

When Windows boots up and logs in, it automatically runs any Programs in the Startup group on the Programs menu of the Start Menu. To add items into this, right click on the Start button and choose the Explore All Users option. If you don't see this, you aren't logged on as an Administrator. You can choose just \"Explore\", but this will only allow you to start Myriad for the currently logged on user - if you log on to windows as someone else then it won't work.

In the explorer window that has opened, navigate into the P Squared Myriad Folder, highlight the main Myriad program icon. On the Edit menu, click \"Copy\".

Now navigate back up to the Programs folder and go into the Startup folder. On the Edit menu click \"Paste\".

You can then close the Explorer window.

Myriad will now be automatically started when Windows Logs in.

Fourth - Automatically restart the Log

Myriad can automatically detect if it was playing out from a Log before the power failed. It can then be set to automatically reload the last log and start running it after a short delay (This gives a user stood in front of the PC a chance to cancel the process should they need to.)

With the appropriate Station Database open, on the Settings menu click Station Database Settings. At the bottom of the General Tab you will see the Miscellaneous Settings Frame. In this, turn on the \"If Myriad is shut down unexpectedly, automatically restart after X seconds\" and set the seconds to something appropriate - i.e. 10 seconds.

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